Overbrook High School Class of 1976 - In Memoriam

"So many things have happened since they were called away. So many things to share with them, had they been left to stay. And now on this reunion day, memories do come our way. Though absent, they are ever near, still missed, remembered, always dear." -Anonymous

Our Classmates, Gone But Not Forgotten


James Alexander Marguerite Green Mitchell Ruley
Karen Blaylock Dale Grundy Diane Sapp
Darlene Blair Paul Hamilton Michael Seney
Eva Brown Darryl Harmon David Session
Michael Burges Rozetta Harris Ernest Simmons
Natalie Clay Steven Harris Wayne Simmons
Inez Cooper Michael Holland Tina Smith
Tyrone Day Kevin Johnson Boaz Smith-Bey
Claude Edmonds Wayne Johnson Archie B. Sweet
Steven Edwards Roxanne Jones Roxanne Tolliver
Seth Fassett, Sr. Virginia (Puddin) Kelly Bernard Upshaw
Michael Ferguson Cynthia Kimble Linda Walden
Robin Finney Wayne Lindsey Kenneth Walker
Clinton Flythe Anita (Dena) Martin Charles A. Williams
Daryl Ford Patricia McNeil-Davis Norman Williams
Geneva Fox-Wells Kevin Montague Terrence Williams
Cecelia Gilliam Maryanne Myles-Whitaker

If you know of a classmate who has passed and they are not listed, please contact Doug Harrell (dharrell530@hotmail.com)